Borth Rowing Club Race and Event reports

2014 Events

Event Report - Borth Regatta - 24th August 2014

Sunday August 24th, Borth Rowing Club hosted a Longboat Rowing Regatta. It was round 6 of the 2014 North Wales league.

Clubs from all over Wales came to Borth to participate in the Northern League Race day. There were teams representing Aberaeron, Aberdyfi , Aberystwyth, Conwy, Milford Haven (PYC), New Quay, Porthmadog and Ynys Mon.

Borth Rowing Race Day 2014

Borth Rowing Club had been watching weather forecasts all week leading up to the race day, and fortunately on Sunday morning there was a weather window that allowed the racing to take place. The sea conditions were quite challenging, but the general consensus from the participants was that they enjoyed the racing.

Racing started at noon with 12 boats starting the Ladies Race. The racing was close in what proved to be fairly tough conditions. The sea was moderate and there was a strong breeze, but all the crews made light of the conditions. The New Quay ladies came out on top followed by a close race for second between Porthmadog (2nd) and Aberdyfi (3rd). There were many close races as the rest of the field raced home in the order Aberystwyth, PYC, Ynys Mon, Porthmadog (1st Veterans), Aberystwyth, Borth, Porthmadog (1st Super Veterans), Borth and finally New Quay.

The second race was the Mens Race which had 15 entries. The race started at 1:15 and the field stayed very close throughout. Ynys Mon took an early lead but Aberdyfi and Aberystwyth overtook them on the first leg. Aberdyfi winning, Aberystwyth came second and Ynys Mon third. All the positions were hard fought for, with many close finishes. Fourth home were New Quay, who were the first Super Veterans. Then came Ynys Mon followed by Aberystwyth (first Veterans). The rest were teams from Porthmadog, Aberdyfi, Aberdyfi, Conwy, New Quay, Borth, Porthmadog, Porthmadog and finally Aberaeron.

The juniors and novices raced next. Conwy Novice Men took control of the race and established a big lead, going on to win. Second place was taken by the Ynys Mon Under 18 team, third was Porthmadog Under 16s, fourth were Aberystwyth Under 16 Girls, fifth were Borth Novices and finally Aberystwyth Novices. It was great to see such strong performances from all the juniors and new rowers.

The final race of the day was the mixed race. 15 teams took part in the race. The winning team came from Aberdyfi, followed by Aberystwyth A team who beat Aberystwyth Veterans into third place. Aberystwyth Vets winning the Veterans trophy. Fourth were New Quay, then Ynys Mon A, who beat Ynys Mon B. Seventh were New Quay, then Porthmadog, ninth were Porthmadog Super Vets who were the first Super Veterans in the race. Then came another Porthmadog team, eleventh were Borth, then PYC, Porthmadog, Conwy and finally Aberaeron.

Veteran teams must have all 4 crew members over the age of 40 and Super Veterans are over 50 years old.

All the clubs belong to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and always welcome new members to come and join them. We will all meet again next week for the Aberdyfi race day. Details of events and results appear on the website.

Event Report - Porthmadog Regatta - 18th May 2014

The Ladies crew went to Porthmadog for their first race. We had intended to send others but had some towing difficulties! We arrived and Conwy kindly lent us their shiny new boat (only two weeks old) for the race. We raced in it before they did, as they were racing in the Seniors race and they asked us to look afer the gel coat :D which we did. Love their comfy seats.

The crew had never raced before, and had not really had much opportunity to train for a race, so they went into the race not really knowing what to expect. Most of the racers were experienced crews, but our ladies set off with good spirit. They rowed really well and came home 13th out of 13, but in a creditable time of 33:24. There was less than a minute between them and the next 5 crews. The winners of the event came home in just under 30 minutes, so it was a very close field.

Dave took this photo whilst he was helping the event timers. Part of his job was to blast the finish hooter. Unfortunately, this meant that he didn't blast the hooter until the ladies were well past the finish line... meaning that they had to row an extra three strokes. Sorry ladies.

Borth Rowing Club at Porthmadog 2014

Crew was Sarah R (Cox), Ellie-May (Stroke), Lisa-Marie, Julie and Gwen.


2013 Events

Event Report - Borth Regatta - 3rd August 2013

This was our first ever regatta and it was a great success, despite the rain.

Our crews were all very busy serving tea and cake and organising the racing.

We entered a Mens, a Ladies and a Novices crew, we didn't enter the mixed as we were prepaaring the refreshments at that time

The men placed 11th out of 11.

The Ladies came 6th out of 9. A good performance.

The Novices came 3rd out of 5. Excellent.

Photos from Borth's first Regatta.

Event Report - Aberystwyth Regatta - 28th July 2013

We sent a Mens crew, a Ladies crew and a mixed crew.

The men placed 21st out of 22, but the racing was close.

The Ladies came 11th out of 16. A good performance.

The Mixed came 26th out of 28.

Event Report - Porthmadog Regatta - 20th June 2013

We sent a Mens crew and a Ladies crew.

As we only had 3 men, Martyn, Dave and Innes, Sarah rowed with the mens crew. We finished 13 out of a field of 13, but it was a good effort by everyone.

The Ladies crew placed 8th out of 9.

We deicded not to race in the mixed as Sarah had already rowed twice.

Event Report - Aberdyfi Regatta - 16th June 2013

We sent a mixed crew across to our neighbours, Sarah, Rachel and Dave plus a member of Aberdyfi. We were a scratch crew but still managed to come 17th out of a field of 22.

2012 Events

Event Report - Aberdyfi Jubilee Event - 4th June 2012

Borth rowing club took part in the Aberdyfi flotilla on Monday to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and raise money for the RNLI

After the event. Our boat was waiting on the beach for high tide so that we would have some water on which to row home... We were having a couple of pints in our new glasses in the warm hospitality of the Dyfi Yacht Club whilst we waited.

Photos of Borth's boat was waiting on the beach for high tide so that we would have some water on which to row home.

The crew were Dave Reynolds (Cox), Sarah Reynolds (stroke), Kath Kierle, Trish Taylor and Kirsten Ferguson-boucher.

Race Report - Porthmadog Regatta - 27th May 2012

Porthmadog was held on another lovely sunny day. They have a lovely yacht club and are a very friendly bunch. We put out two crews, a Ladies and a Mens crew. The ladies came 6th overall out of 11, and 4th in their class. The mens came last in the seniors, but as we only had three men Sarah had to row with the men. The crews were : Ladies, Dave Reynolds (Cox), Sarah Reynolds (stroke), Rachel Mills, Kirsten Ferguson-boucher and Charlotte Aucklan. Mens : Kirsten Ferguson-boucher (Cox), Dave Reynolds (stroke), Martyn Davies, Tim Pryce and Sarah Reynolds.

Photos from Porthmadog Regatta.

Race Report - New Quay Regatta - 20th May 2012

Had a great day at New Quay regatta today. Rachel Mills rowed with Aberystwyth in the Ladies, Dave Reynolds and Martyn Davies with PYC in the Mens, and Sarah Reynolds, Martyn Davies, Tim Pryce and Charlotte Auckland (in her first race) competed in the mixed event, with Rachel Mills coxing. Dave Reynolds also coxed Aberaeron Mixed. A busy day in lovely sunshine.

Photos from New Quay Community Rowing Club Regatta.

2011 Events

Race Report - Llangrannog Regatta - 4th September 2011

Borth Rowing Club entered two crews in the 2011 Llangrannog Regatta. The weather held for the regatta, after an anxious week looking at weather forecasts. On the day the weather was great, sunny and warm. As the regatta went on it freshened a bit and towards the end of the last race the sea was getting lumpy and the wind picking up.

First up for Borth was the ladies. The crew rowed really well and achieved a creditable 8th place, in a time of 40 minutes and 48 seconds, finishing just 30 seconds behind the Aberystwyth crew, with 10 teams competing in the Ladies event.

Ladies Crew: Dave R (Cox), Sarah R(Stroke), Rachel C(2), Rachel M(3), Trish(Bow).

Next was our Mixed crew. They rowed in a field of 16 boats, coming 11th in a good time of 35 minutes and 5 seconds. They had a very strong finish, passing two boats on the final leg and almost catching another one.

Mixed Crew: Andrew Cotteril (Cox), Sarah R(Stroke), Martyn(2), Dave R(3), Pip(Bow).

As we enjoyed a lovely Chilli and rice and had a well earned pint, the rain started, so we all sheltered for the prize giving and results. It was a shame that we couldn't enjoy a beer on the lovely beach at Llangrannog, but it was a good day and we'll definitely be back next year.

Race Report - Aberystwyth Regatta - 24th July 2011

Borth Rowing Club entered five crews in the 2011 Aberystwyth Regatta. One of our biggest ever turnouts. Seven of the thirteen competitors were competing in their first regatta. The sea was choppy, particularly near the start, finish line and between the second and third buoys.

Borth Ladies at Aberystwyth Race 2011First up was the Ladies race. Borth entered two teams, and it was decided to make our teams as matched as possible, to help the least experienced rowers. This worked particularly well with both Ladies teams doing well and actually finishing within five seconds of each other. Out of a field if 17 crews ; the B crew were 14th in 33 minutes and 30 second, the A crew were 15th in 33 minutes and 35 seconds.

Crew A: Tim (Cox), Sarah R(Stroke), Rachel M(2), Natalie(3), Alice(Bow).

Crew B: Dave R (Cox), Helen(Stroke), Jenny(2), Kirsten(3), Trish(Bow).

Next up were the men. The team came 16th out of 21 crews in a time 29 minutes and 5 seconds. This was a very good performance, putting them men in the middle of the pack.

Borth Men at Aberystwyth Race 2011Crew A: Sarah R (Cox), Dave R(Stroke), Martyn(2), Innes(3), Tim(Bow).

To finish the day Borth entered two Mixed Crews. The mixed race attracted a big field of 25 crews. The Mixed race was on a shorter course than that of the Ladies and Mens (which were both run on the same course). The A crew came 17th in a time of 23 minutes 20 seconds, and the B crew came 23rd in a time of 24 minutes 16 seconds. The B crew were doing quite well until the got baulked at the second buoy and lost several places.

Crew A: Natalie (Cox), Sarah R(Stroke), Dave R(2), Martyn(3), Rachel M.

Crew B: Innes (Cox), Helen(Stroke), Rob(2), Tim(3), Alice(Bow).

Well done Borth Rowing Club, some excellent results today, especially from the six first time racers; Alice, Helen, Innes, Kirsten, Natalie and Trish!

Event Report - Ocean to City - An Rs Mr Race - 4th June 2011

Borth Rowing Club entered two teams in Cork's Maritime Festival race the 'Ocean to City - An Rs Mr', web: Facebook : Twitter: #Oceantocity

The 2011 Ocean to City - An Rs Mr race took place on Saturday 4th June 2011 - starting in RCYC Crosshaven & finishing at City Quarter, Lapps Quay, Cork.

Amongst the one hundred and five competitors, the Celtic Longboats were part of the fleet of forty that took part in the longest course (The Ocean Course). The shorter courses were set for Kayak, Juniors, Currachs and Dragonboats, that were considered unsuitable for the Ocean Course. The Ocean Course was seventeen and a half miles long, a considerable distance in a rowing boat...

Four Welsh Sea Rowing Association Clubs took seven crews to race in the event (Aberdyfi(1), Aberystwyth(3), Neyland(1) and Borth(2)).

We set off from Borth on Thursday to arrive in Rosslare with the boats on Thursday evening. Some of the crew went straight on to Cork, whilst the boats remained in Rosslare and were taken to Cork on Friday.

The morning of the race was a fine day with plenty of sunshine. We all made our way to Crosshaven for the start. The two Mixed crews that we entered were both fairly experienced; in Saeth Seithennin were Innes Heron(Cox), Sarah Reynolds(Stroke), Martyn Davies, Dave Reynolds and Pip Nicholas(Bow); in Gwyddno Garanhir were Kathy Hosker(cox), Rachel Mills(Stroke), Rachel Chalmers, Time Pryce and Rob Abel(Bow).

It was a hard event, we were all really rowing well for the first two hours and then the distance started to take its toll. The next hour was really hard going, you just had to keep telling yourself to keep moving, and the final half hour was beyond the call of duty and required all of our reserves to keep going to the finish.

From the club's perspective it was a really creditable performance, with both of our crews posting respectable times.

The results for the Celtic Longboats are listed below

Aberystwyth (Dwynwen)Veteran Men02:53:52
AberdyfiVeteran Men02:55:16
Aberystwyth (Branwen)Men03:15:02
Borth (Saeth Seithennin)Mixed03:20:46
Aberystwyth (Ceridwen)Women03:22:24
Borth (Gwyddno Garanhir)Mixed03:29:11

The following is the GPS tracking of our race, showing the course of the race from Crosshaven out to the Ocean and back into the City of Cork.

The Club also raised money by sponsorship of our efforts. We chose to support the RNLI. Several members of the Rowing Club are also volunteer lifeboat crew at the RNLI Borth lifeboat station.

Please support us by donating online at or see one of the team members.

Sponsor Borth Rowing Club in the Ocean to City Race - June 2011

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2010 Events

Event Report - CoastersGB Relay Race 26th September 2010

Borth carried Barry the Baton across the Dyfi estuary from Ynyslas to Aberdyfi.

we picked the baton up from Phoebe in Ynyslas and passed it on to Mike in Aberdyfi.

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Race Report - Borth 19th September 2010

Borth Rowing Club race day 2010

Borth was due to stage it's first regatta on Sunday 19th September 2010.

Unfortunately the weather was against us, and the regatta had to be cancelled.

The surf was too big and the wind was too strong.

The members of the club had worked hard to put on the race and were disappointed to have to call it off.

Everyone at the club would like to wish Rachel M a very happy birthday, and say that they were very pleased that she had decided to spend some of her special birthday with us.

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Event Report - Sioe Talybont Show 28th August 2010

Borth ran a stall at the Talybont Show this year, to publicise the club and it's boats, and to attract new members who will hopefully enjoy rowing with us in the estuary at Ynyslas.

We ran a rowing competition on a Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer borrowed from one of the members. The results are now available here.

Our stall attracted a lot of interest and we won "Best Stall in Show" for our efforts, so thanks to the organisers for a great show and to all our members who helped out on the day and gave instruction to the many competitors in our competition.

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Race Report - Cardigan Quays Festival 21st August 2010

This was the first time that Cardigan and Aberporth Rowing Clubs had collaborated to put on the Mermaid Race. The Race was a handicap race that was sponsored and thus provided prize money. Borth were unlikely to win any prizes as we had a miscellaneous crew consisting of 3 men and 2 ladies. We set out with the intention of swapping our cox in to row, so three of us coxed. This further reduced our chances of success, but meant that everyone had a good row.

As we set off from Borth the rain started and the weather looked worse as we headed south. It cleared a bit when we arrived in Cardigan. We had set out early so that we could have a look around the festival, and we were glad we did as there was lots to see and good food to eat!

During the coxes briefing the heavens opened so we all sheltered in the cattle market. But as soon as the briefing was over the skies cleared. There had been a worry that they would need to shorten the course, meaning that we wouldn't go around the island, but the sea state improved and the sun came out. By the time the race took place the weather was wonderful.

Due to the miscellaneous nature of our crew we were handicapped as if we were a mens crew, and although we had a reasonable row we almost inevitably came last. Despite this we had a great day out and it was a nice place to row. We almost stopped at the island to have a good look at the seal that came to see us.

Cardigan and Aberporth put on a great day (with the help of their sponsors) and the Lamb Bap and bottle of Beer afterwards sitting in the sun by the river was the perfect end to a good day out.

Check out the Mermaid Race 2010 Website for details of the race, results and some pictures.

Crew: Sarah R(Stroke/Cox/Stroke), Pip(Cox/Stroke/2), Rob(2,2,Cox) Dave R(3,3,3), Martyn(Bow,Bow,Bow).

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Race Report - Aberaeron 15th August 2010

After several days of poor weather the sun shone on Aberaeron's regatta. There were a lot of boats at this very popular event in this picturesque village, with clubs from all over Wales attending.

The men raced first, and produced a very good performance. They came second from last (similar to the result at Aberdyfi), but put in a tidy race and were very close to a number of other boats in a tight field. The crew is still relatively inexperienced and should be proud of this performance in what turned out to be a very long race (about 5 miles). The mens racing is a very competitive event.

Sarah helped out the Mochras Ladies Vets by rowing with them. They performed well and this adds another club to the list of clubs Sarah has now rowed for.

The mixed crew put in a great performance. At the final buoy they were second from last, but lifted their efforts and overtook three boats in the final leg to finish with four boats behind them. It was a great feeling reeling in and overtaking boats. It was Tim's first experience of coxing in a race and his encouragement certainly contributed to the overtaking.

Mens Crew: Tim(Bow), Rob, Martyn, Dave R(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Mixed Crew: Rachel M(Bow), Martyn, Dave R, Sarah R(stroke), Tim(Cox).

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Race Report - Aberdyfi 11th July 2010

This was a big day for Borth; for the first time in our 10 year history we fielded crews in each event; Seniors, Ladies, Juniors and Mixed.

The weather was difficult for Aberdyfi Rowing Club, but they managed to organise some good racing. The racing was changed to a timed event as we couldn't row out to sea, because of the rough seas, and they also changed the course for each race as the weather conditions changed. Thank you Aberdyfi for a good day's racing.

The ladies raced first, and produced a very good performance. They came 8th out of 13 teams. This was a particularly good result for a novice crew, as it was Rachel's first race, Kath's second and Pip's third.

The Men raced well too. Although they only came 15th out of 16 their time was pretty good as the racing produced some good times for all the crews.

The mixed crew put in a gutsy performance. They came 14th out of 14, although they were only 20 seconds behind the next crew. The mixed crew were all very tired, having all rowed earlier and again it was an inexperienced crew.

The best performance of the day was provided by the Juniors. Although the race was a very small field, they came 2nd out of 3, the girls rowed to their potential and produced a very good time. They received the U18 Girls Trophy for their efforts, but they were within a very respectable distance to the U18 Boys boat that beat them.

Borth Rowing Club Under 18 Girls at Aberdyfi Regatta

Ladies Crew: Kath(Bow), Rachel M, Pip, Sarah R(stroke), Dave R(Cox).

Mens Crew: Rob(Bow), Tim, Martyn, Dave R(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Juniors Crew: Catrin(Aberdyfi)(Bow), Chloe, Meg, Rachel(Mochras)(stroke), Dave R(Cox).

Mixed Crew: Kath(Bow), Rachel, Martyn, Rob(stroke), Dave R(Cox).

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Race Report - Porthmadog 19th June 2010

Borth fielded a mixed crew for this event. The event was held at the Madoc Yacht Club, which is a lovely club, set on the key at Porthmadog harbour. We spent a lot of time sitting on the grass outside the clubhouse, as it was a lovely sunny day. Unfortunately you couldn't see much of the racing as the race went out to sea beyond sight of the yacht club.

Sarah was coxing the mixed crew so she rowed with Pwllheli. The Pwllheli crew would have been unable to participate without Sarah, so they were delighted for her to join them. The only issue was that they gave all their commands in Cymraeg, as this is their first language. The Cox did say that if Sarah didn't understand he would just say it 'louder and slower...'. Anyway they had a great race, Sarah told us she was really tired, but it was worth it as they came in 3rd out of 8.

The mixed crew fared well also, they came 8th out of 10, and the time achieved was very respectable. It was also Kath's first regatta, and she hung on in there. She seemed to enjoy it, so I'm sure she'll race again soon

See also Porthmadog's review of the race day.

Thanks also to Rachel M who came along again and took some great photos and videos.

Mixed Crew: Kath(Bow), Pip, Martyn, Dave R(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

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Race Report - Mochras 13th June 2010

Borth fielded 2 crews for this event; a Mens crew and a Mixed crew. The event was on the picturesque Shell Island, although the weather was not very kind as the wind picked up and there were heavy rain showers, particularly during the mens race.

The mens crew had Tim rowing in his first regatta, so congratulations to him. We rowed very well and were ably coxed, coming in 11th out of 14, a very good result.

The mixed crew fared well also, they came 12th out of 13, and were within touching distance of a couple of boats in front of them. It was also Pip's first regatta, and Rob's first race as a cox.

Thanks also to Rachel M who came along to get a feel of the atmosphere and to support the racing crews.

Mens Crew: Tim(Bow), Rob, Martyn, Dave R(Stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Mixed Crew: Pip(Bow), Martyn, Dave R, Sarah R(stroke), Rob(Cox).

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Borth Rowing Celtic Challenge 2010

We entered for the 2010 Celtic Challenge (on Friday/Saturday April 30th/May 1st 2010).
Borth set off at 2pm on Friday 30th April with the Mixed and Ladies teams, but unfortunately had an issue with the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), which is used to transfer crews from the support boats to the Rowing boat. The RIB's outboard engine failed to start when we tried to initiate our first transfer. Whilst the first crew continued to row efforts were made to fix the boat, and we also came up with a stop-gap method for transferring using the boat tethered to the Support Boats. We eventually made a crew change after a valiant two hour effort from the first crew. The next crew rowed for one and a half hours, whilst a mechanic came to look at the outboard.
After three and a half hours the Mechanic told us that there was nothing he could do whilst at sea. Reluctantly, we made a decision that in the increasing swell and with an overnight row ahead we couldn't continue to transfer safely without a fully functioning RIB.
Our attempt was therefore called off and the second crew was taken with some difficulty onto the support boats.
We continued on to Aberystwyth in the support boats towing the RIB and our Celtic Longboat.
We were disappointed that we could not continue but hope that you will continue to support our efforts to raise money for Mind.
JustGiving - Sponsor me!

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2009 Events

Event Report - Bala 29th November 2009

Borth decided to organise a day out at Bala Lake. The weather was threatening all week, and although a cold North-West wind blew, it wasn't very strong. We all wrapped up warm, and most of us took our own lunch (which proved to be a good idea).

There were nine of us available for the trip. So we only took one boat, as we weren't sure how busy the lake would be. As it turned out we shared the lake with only half a dozen canoeist who were practising by the town beach. The rest of the lake was ours :D.

We arrived about 10:40am and sent out Sarah, Jenny, Isaac, Dan and Gav. They had a good long row, taking turns to cox, and looked good from where I was watching on the bank. Upon their return the Dave, Martyn, Rob and Tim went out with Sarah Coxing. We rowed up the Lake and had a good hard pull on the way back, with Sarah encouraging us all the way. There was no rush, and the first crew having eaten and drank, went out for another row. When they returned the lads went back out. We set off for home at about 2:30pm and stopped for a coffee at the Little Chef.

It was a really good day out, and our reconnaissance trip has given us ideas for the next time. We intend to make a full day of it and bring both boats so that we can have some races on the water.

Crew: Sarah R, Dave R, Martyn, Jenny, Isaac, Gav, Dan, Tim and Rob.

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Race Report - Aberystwyth 27th September 2009

Again Borth fielded 2 and 1/4 crews for this event; a Ladies crew, a Mixed crew and one of our 'boys' joined the Aberdyfi SuperVeterans for the Seniors race. The weather was very settled, no wind and the sea was extremely flat, leading to good competitive racing with some close finishes.

The Ladies crew had worked extremely hard all the way around the course, and finished 6th out of 9 in the Senior Ladies event (I think they were 8 of 12 for the whole event). The boats that finished 3rd(Llangwm), 4th(Pembrokeshire), 5th(Mochras) and 6th(Borth) finished within yards of each other after a fantastic race. With Porthmadog Vets having pushed us all the way and finishing close behind. Everyone was delighted with how close the race was. It was really nice to be in amongst the action.

The mixed crew also fared very well, they came 9th out of 12, and again were within touching distance of a couple of boats in front of them. They were actually overlapping Aberystwyth Vets as they crossed the finish line. Adam and Rob are both in their first season and found it a really good experience to be in the middle of the pack and competing all the way around the course.

Dave R joined the Aberdyfi SuperVets for the Seniors event and they came 2nd out of 3 SuperVets, losing the event to Porthmadog by 1 boat length after 4 gruelling miles battling almost side by side. A disappointing result, but great racing.

Overall it was a great event put on by Aberystwyth Rowing Club, a great day out and a great set of results for Borth.

Having demonstrated this level of competitiveness gives us a lot of motivation to improve for next season.

Ladies Crew: Sarah T(Bow), Gabrielle, Rachel, Sarah R(Stroke), Dave R(Cox).

Mixed Crew: Sarah T(Bow), Adam, Rob, Sue(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Aberdyfi Mens SuperVets: Dave R.

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Race Report - Aberdyfi 13th September 2009

Borth fielded 2 and 1/4 crews for this event; a Mens crew, a Mixed crew and one Lady joined the Aberdyfi Ladies Veterans for the Ladies race. The event was very well run by Aberdyfi RC, and the weather was very kind with blue skies and not a cloud in sight all day.

The mens crew had Adam rowing in his first regatta, so congratulations to him. Adam found out how hard the mens races are. The course was the full 4 nautical miles to the outer buoy and back. We unfortunately came 14th out of 14, but it was a game effort by everyone.

The mixed crew fared better, they came 12th out of 13, but were within touching distance of a couple of boats in front of them. The whole mixed event was a much closer race. It was also Gwenan's first regatta (although she has previously competed in the GRR).

And the winner is; Sarah R. Sarah R joined the Aberdyfi Ladies Vets for the event and they came 5th overall (out of 9) but won the Veterans event (out of 3 Vets crews). So Sarah won a Trophy, admittedly for Aberdyfi, but it reflects well on how we are progressing at Borth.

Mens Crew: Adam(Bow), Rob, Martyn, Dave R(Stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Mixed Crew: Sarah T(Bow), Gwenan, Dave R, Martyn(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

Aberdyfi Ladies Vets: Sarah R.

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Race Report - Mochras 5th July 2009

We set off from Borth with the first Mens crew that we have been able to put out in years. This was Mochras' first event, based at Shell Island, and it was well run. The Weather was a bit mixed, we had some sunshine with showers, the sea was a bit lumpy with a fresh wind from the south which affected the second (longest) leg of the race.

The crew performed reasonably well, with this being Rob's first regatta (well done on that) and Dave T's second. We had a very slick launch through the break, but then were hit by a big wave which swamped us. After bailing out we were late getting ready for the start and thus set off slightly behind. The field was very experienced and we were not quite up to speed, coming last. We managed to catch a good wave and surf in to the beach with some style! I think it was a great experience and we will all be better for it next time.

Sarah was asked by Mike from Ynys-Mon whether she would help them make up a Mixed four so that his Mum, Jackie could compete. It was Jackie's first regatta, so Sarah sat in with the Ynys-Mon four. Unfortunately they came last as well, but they had a good row.

Mens Crew: Dave T(Bow), Rob, Martyn, Dave R(stroke), Sarah R(Cox).

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Race Report - Aberaeron 14th June 2009

It was a lovely sunny day down at Aberaeron, and we enjoyed some great racing.

Borth Ladies came 8th of 13 in their event. A really good improvement from last week. They went out hard and maintained their form throughout the race. A great performance. Everyone rowed really well and it was gratifying to see them put in such a good performance.

The mixed boat set off after a good start but got into a clash and lost their rhythm a little bit, which resulted in them getting into another clash (we apologise to Pembroke and Porthmadog for slowing them, but after a short while everyone got into their stride, hope it didn't spoil your day Pembroke/Porthmadog). We managed to get ourselves into a creditable 10th out of 14 position.

As our racing experience improves we hope to a) avoid clashes and b) improve our results. Thanks to everyone for making this a great day out.

Ladies Crew: Rachel(Bow), Gabrielle, Sarah T, Teresa(Stroke), Dave R(Cox)

Mixed Crew: Clare(Bow), Martyn, Dave R, Sarah R(stroke), Sarah T(Cox).

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Race Report - Aberdyfi 7th June 2009

The Aberdyfi results have been posted on the WSRA website.

Although the Ladies came 12th of 12 I can't believe that the ladies were only 2 seconds behind the next boat. If only we'd known I'm sure we could have squeezed a bit more out. That is the trouble with timed races rather than a massed start. Ah well, at least it shows we were not far behind. As for the mixed result then I think we should all be really pleased with that - especially Dave Tompkins and Clare Thompson as this is their first race and they have only been rowing a couple of months.

Ladies Crew: Kathy(Bow), Sarah T, Teresa, Sue(Stroke), Sarah R(Cox)

Mixed Crew: Clare(Bow), Dave T, Dave R, Sarah R(stroke), Sarah T(Cox).

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Event Report - Aberaeron to Borth Row May 2nd-3rd 2009

Aberaeron Rowing Club arranged a row to Borth on Saturday 2nd May. They had two Celtic Longboats and a support boat, allowing them to change some of the crew en route. Borth set off from the RNLI Station in Borth to meet them at Aberystwyth. We took a crew of six (Martyn, Dave R, Rob, Rachel, Sarah R and Sarah T). The waves were about 2 ft and we all got a bit wet whilst launching. It was on the edge of what we would consider safe to launch, which made it all the more fun!!

On our row to Aberystwyth we were supported by Sarah T's Mum and Dad in a Yacht, which stayed with us until we got to Aberystwyth Harbour.

Outside the harbour we all met up (Aberaeron and Borth) and rowed together back to Borth. The waves had lessened a bit and we had a relatively easy ride into the beach. The two Aberaeron boats took a passenger each from their support boat (which couldn't land) and came in fairly easily. Then one of the boats went back for the other 3 people who were to come off the support boat. In order to do this they rowed out with just two rowers, and picked the others up. They came back in and didn't get enough speed to ride the waves, causing them to turn sideways and slide in on the top of the wave (everyone getting wet and Chris hurting his leg whilst breaking an oar, fortunately the oar gave way first).

After all the fun and games we went to Kathy's camp site (Ty-Gwyn in Ynyslas) for a meal and a social, and the Aberaeron team camped overnight.

On the Sunday the weather forecasts were sufficiently bad to abandon thoughts of going further along the coast (mainly due to the winds). It was decided that we would row up the Dyfi Estuary and guide the Aberaeron teams around our local waters.

We set off from the Ynyslas Boatyard, by kind permission of Lloyd. All three boats set off across the estuary to Aberdyfi where we all beached and went for a cup of tea. After that we rowed up to the end of the estuary and back with only a few stops as crews ran aground on the sandbanks. I won't spill the beans on which members of Borth were responsible for failing to guide our colleagues with any degree of accuracy. The Borth "guides" were Sarah R, Teresa, Dave R and Sue, in one grounding all 5 of the crew had to get out to re-float the boat (I will tell you who was guiding at the next club meeting - unless she admits it first).

The sun shone for the whole weekend and we all had a great time. It was great to see the three boats landing on the beach at Borth on Saturday and on the estuary on Sunday, and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of the Aberaeron crews.

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Race Report - Return of the Cleddau April 4th 2009

Borth fielded a mixed crew for the 2009 Return of the Cleddau. Martyn took part in the race the last time Borth entered, but he was injured at the time (see previous report), and it was the first race of this length for Sarah R, Dave R, Kathy and Rachel. It was difficult to pace oneself, and also difficult for the coxes to work out the best line to take on an unfamiliar river.

Having said that Borth fared well on the day. We came 31st out of 32 starters, and last in out event, but we were close behind others in our category (and with a bit more experience we will be better placed next time). The results have been published on the the Welsh Sea Rowing Association site.

It was a thoroughly good day, the weather was great and our time of 01:56:28 was creditable.

There are some photos of the event published by Pembrokeshire Photography Events at Pembrokeshire Photography Events - Cleddau Longboat Race 04.04.09. These are also published on Facebook which I have linked from our Facebook Group Clwb Rhwyfo BORTH Rowing Club.

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2008 Events

Race Report - Aberdyfi Regatta July 20th 2008

We fielded a ladies crew for Aberdyfi and with a start time of 10am we decided we would row over to Aberdyfi rather than trailering the boat around (apart from Gabrielle - she was the sensible one!) So we set off with Simon Tudor coxing and Dave Reynolds rowing with the girls (Sarah, Sarah and Sue). We had left it a bit late and had to put quite a bit of effort in to get there at 10.01 only to find out that there was plenty of time before the coxes briefing.

We discussed tactics before the race started and decided we would have some!! We would go out hard and try to stay with all the other crews as long as we could. We agreed it was better to blow up and stop than to get to the end and have fuel left in the tank. So with this in mind we set off to the line. Sarah T was cold in her vest on the start but she needn't have worried about that!!

All the crews went out hard knowing that the men's race had been shortened due to the roughening conditions. We were well up in the field at the first buoy and took a good line to the second. We arrived at the second buoy with two boats outside us overlapping. The outside boat attempted to cut in to the buoy. The second boat shouted "water" and moved into the buoy. Dave kept his cool - well, sort of, and shouted "WATER"' and drove through on the inside. We did have right of way… honest. We left the rest of the field in carnage at the buoy and started the second lap - much to Gabrielle's dismay as she had given her all not realizing there was a second lap!!

The girls dug in and found deeper reserves than they knew they had. Luckily the second lap was only a short one out to a buoy and back, and we managed to keep it together until the line to finish eighth out of sixteen.

A great race. Good coxing, great effort and determination from the crew resulting in a good finishing position. Sarah T said it was the hardest she had ever worked!!

And then all we had to do was row home against the tide - fantastic coxing from Simon Tudor made it possible.

Well done to everyone concerned.

Ladies crew: Sarah R(stroke), Sarah T, Sue, Gabrielle and Dave R(cox)

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Race Report - Aberaeron Regatta June 8th 2008

A beautiful sunny day and Borth fielded just one crew - mixed. So we had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, watch the men's race and enjoy the sunshine (and 5 bacon butties!) before we had to start getting the boat off the trailer.

We were first to the start line and waited for the rest of the crews to arrive… and waited… and waited. Eventually the flag dropped, gun sounded and we were off. On the first leg we were ahead of one boat and overlapping the Aberaeron mixed vets. We didn't manage to hold our position to the buoy and rounded it in a rather familiar last place. On the second leg we settled into a good rhythm and started to make up ground on the Aberaeron boat. Rounding the last buoy with a good distance still to row we upped the rate and pressure and pursued Aberaeron. We were closing on them throughout the last leg and they only just managed to hold us off. Their comment after the race was that "if there had been another 100 metres you would have had us" - always supposing our crew could have rowed another 100 metres!

This was a very courageous and determined row, particularly the last leg. All we need to do now is go like that from the start!

Mixed crew: Dave R(stroke), Martyn, Kathy, Rachel and Sarah R(cox).

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Race Report - Aberystwyth Regatta May 25th 2008

Borth fielded 2 crews for this regatta and we arrived in Aberystwyth to grey skies and a North Easterly wind. Because of the weather the course was set up to run South from the harbour which unfortunately made it less spectator friendly.

The ladies got off to a great start only to be called back due to another boat jumping the start! Our second start was not quite so good as the cox (me) was taken by surprise when the flag was dropped despite one boat being about 2 lengths over the line. Despite this the ladies started well and were racing crews from Aberaeron and Aberystwyth all the way to the first buoy. My lack of coxing experience showed again at the buoy as I allowed the two boats to take the inside line and get away from us. Despite this the ladies dug deep and rowed well on the second leg and finished strongly to bring up the rear of the field with a very respectable performance.

The weather had worsened by the time the mixed crew boated and the start was difficult as the whole line was being pushed southward. We started down on the rest of the field and fought to keep up with them to the first buoy. We rounded the buoy in last position and despite rowing as hard as we could for the whole of the second leg against wind and waves we were unable to make good headway and fell back from the rest of the field and finished in last position. However, being last into the bar had the unexpected bonus of being the first let into the rather tasty buffet!!

Ladies crew: Jen(stroke), Teresa, Gabrielle, Sarah T and Sarah R(cox)

Mixed crew: Sarah R(stroke), Dave R, Martyn, Sue P and Teresa(cox)

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2007 Events

Race Report - Barmouth Regatta August 5th 2007

Borth put out a mixed crew for Barmouth regatta. The weather was sunny and calm and the crew enjoyed ice creams on the front at Barmouth whilst waiting for the race. As the juniors rowed at the same time as the ladies race we had to hurry to boat in time as our race was brought forward. A nice gentle row out to the start helped to settle the nerves but then as usual the adrenalin kicked in on the start line. We got off to a good start and were mid-field as we got into our stride along the first leg heading north parallel to the beach. We were still well amongst the field at the first buoy and turned so tightly we managed to clip another boat (oops!). That shook our rhythm but once we got back in time and moving there were still several boats behind us. We rowed well back along the second leg and were still in contention (not last) when we rounded the final buoy. From then on things did not go so well. We managed to find the stream of the ebbing tide which was creating a standing wave and however much we piled the pressure on we just could not break free of it. We could only watch the other boats catch up and pass us as they took different lines into the harbour. Somehow we did eventually manage to punch through against the tide and made it home in last place totally drained, but still pleased and proud of how we had rowed particularly up to the last buoy. A good effort and an enjoyable day out - topped off by a great buffet.

Mixed crew: Sarah T(stroke), Dave R, Sarah R, Dave McK and Sian(cox)

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Race Report - Aberdyfi Regatta July 22nd 2007

Borth fielded 2 crews for the Aberdyfi regatta in somewhat mixed conditions. The ladies race started on a flooding tide with a south westerly light wind making outward rowing tough but easier on the way back in, using the waves to our advantage with a bit of surfing. Once the water flattened back in the estuary the ladies lengthened their stroke and glided past Barmouth's crew though everybody had to work at full throttle to get there. With a 3 mile course they all did really well.

The weather changed in time for the mixed crew race with the wind picking up and a downpour of rain. The course was altered half way through the race due to worsening conditions leaving us slightly disadvantaged as we were in a great position for the original course. However, we managed a top notch turn around the marker buoy gaining advantage over the Barmouth boat just ahead of us. The mixed crew also managed to pass Barmouth once the water flattened and the stroke lengthened. We did really well in both races, turning well and really stretching out on the flatter water, and keeping in there over the choppy lumpy stuff on the way out.

Well done everybody. Looking forward to the next race - Barmouth 5th August.

Ladies crew: Sian(stroke), Teresa, Gabriel, Rachel and Sarah R(cox)

Mixed crew: Sarah T(stroke), Dave R, Sarah R, Dave McK and Sian(cox)

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2000 to 2006 Events

League Racing

Great River RaceIn 2007 and 2008 we entered a mixed team and a womens team rowing in the league. There is a northern and southern rowing league in Wales and we attended several of the races from the Northern league, plus some "friendlies". League races are generally on Sunday and with travel time take up the whole day, although the actual race lasts about 40 minutes to an hour. Friendly and non-league races are generally longer and more about endurance.

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Return of the Cleddau 2005

Fantastic first race of the season on Saturday April 2. 12 miles downstream (with tide but against a strong SE wind)on Saturday 2 April down the Cleddau to Neyland. Only 25th (out of 25!!) for the Mixed Team, but weren't far behind the others and we did finish alive (just!)Geraint and Lynda were brilliant, and kept smiling despite the shock of a 2.5 hour row at full tilt for their first racing experience, Cathy did the complete motivational work-out on us all the way there, and Martyn (or is it Martyr?)didn't tell us until the end that he had an injured shoulder.We certainly had the right spirit,even ifwe've work to do on our skills. Good to know that the only way is up. (Teresa Walters, Women's Captain).

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Celtic Challenge 2002

Borth completed the course in 2002. The race was cancelled in 2004. It's a 96 mile row from Arklow, Ireland across the Irish sea to Aberystwyth, run bi-annually in the Spring. We need 12 fit rowers (or even couch potatoes keen to transform into fit rowers!) for the team.

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